Peter Dreier & Alex Schwartz

Peter Dreier is professor of politics and chair of the Urban & Environmental Policy Department at Occidental College. 

Alex Schwartz is professor of urban policy at the New School.

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Trump’s Housing Hypocrisy

The president owes his wealth to government-subsidized housing, but his new budget slashes housing aid for the poor.

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson New, federally subsidized housing under construction in St. Louis. P resident Trump is a housing hypocrite. He owes his wealth to government-subsidized housing programs. Since January 20, he’s been living in subsidized housing. Yet his proposed budget slashes housing aid to Americans who need it the most—seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and families with children struggling to get by. Trump is wealthy today because of government housing subsidies. While still a young man, he inherited his father Fred’s real-estate empire, worth tens of millions of dollars. The senior Trump made his fortune by building middle-class housing financed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). In the 1930s, Fred Trump built single-family homes for middle class families in Queens and Brooklyn, using mortgage subsidies from the newly created FHA in order to obtain construction loans. After his real-estate business fell on hard times, he revived his firm during World War...