Sam Wang, Ben Williams, & Rick Ober

Sam Wang is a professor at Princeton University. He is founder of the Princeton Gerrymandering Project.

Ben Williams and Rick Ober are legal analysts at the Princeton Gerrymandering Project.

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The States Are Now the Best Route to Gerrymandering Reform

In every state with an extreme partisan gerrymander, there’s a potential solution in the state itself.

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin Sara Fitzgerald, left, and Michael Martin, both with the group One Virginia, protest gerrymandering in front of the Supreme Court while the justices hear arguments on a gerrymandering case I t's been a tough few weeks for gerrymandering reform. Two decisions in the closing days of the Supreme Court’s term, Gill v. Whitford and Abbott v. Perez , have raised barriers to proving claims of gerrymandering. With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, those barriers will only worsen. The writing is on the wall: It's time for trench warfare. In Gill , a case concerning partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin, the Court refused to address the legal theory that voters with a shared political affiliation can be harmed by a statewide pattern of baroque districting. Despite being presented with easy and clear mathematical tests to calculate the statewide impact of partisan gerrymandering, the Court insisted on a district-by-district analysis. Unfortunately, this...