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Daniel Boguslaw Kaufman is an editorial intern at The American Prospect

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Massachusetts Commuters at the Breaking Point

A statewide report on drivers and public-transportation users sheds light on the economic and emotional tolls of the crises posed by failing public infrastructure and skyrocketing housing costs.

screen_shot_2017-07-19_at_4.28.52_pm.png For Massachusetts commuters, a nor’easter of fury is spinning its way across the smog-choked highways and lumbering rail lines. Invectives are hurled, Rs are dropped , and state leaders are blamed, especially on subway platforms in the Greater Boston area that are overflowing with people forced to deal with spotty service from trains that break down virtually all the time. A new statewide study of registered voters conducted by the MassINC Polling Group, a Boston-based public opinion research company, confirms what most Bay State politicians, transportation analysts, and municipal planners already know: A tremendous anger is eating away at commuters which may force some of them right out of their areas. Yet the state’s problems are hardly unique. As housing prices soar in major metropolitan areas across the country, commuters are increasingly exposed to long and unsustainable travel times with a growing sense of dread. There are...

In Rural America, Farmers Reap What the President Sows

Trump’s proposed USDA budget cuts send the wrong message to America’s struggling small farms.  

In the wake of catastrophic flooding across the Midwest, small farmers are reeling from the widespread destruction of their crops and livestock. The Trump administration’s proposed cuts to the Department of Agriculture’s 2020 budget, detailed in the spending plan released last month, would make their plight even worse. A Budget for a Better America would cut $3.6 billion from the USDA’s budget—the exact same dollar amount allocated to the department for disaster relief in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 . While advocates for small farmers say that the president’s budget is unlikely to pass in a Congress that bent over backwards to pass a bipartisan farm bill last year, this latest budget certainly reflects the current administration's priorities. According to Alicia Harvie of Farm Aid, “it’s completely untenable.” “This is the worst possible time for this to hit,” argues Harvie. “At a time when the administration...

AOC Live at the Financial Services Committee

What were once pro forma hearings that catered to Wall Street fanboys now feature women crusading for their constituents.

The best way to see how democracy plays out is live and in person. Tuesday’s House Financial Services Committee hearing on homelessness had a definite boys club atmosphere—at least that's how it started off. Male representative after male representative took to the mic to wax heroic about their deep revulsion to homelessness and even deeper commitment to doing something, anything, to fix the problem. Representative Sean Duffy, a Wisconsin Republican claimed that legalizing marijuana would lead to higher addiction rates and, in turn, higher rates of homelessness—eventually exceeded his time by strawmanning about how the Green New Deal would “eliminate all cows.” David Kustoff, a Tennessee Republican, dozed while Steve Stivers, an Ohio Republican, cracked jokes on the top row, causing multiple speakers to ask him to pipe down as he flashed his lurid frat-boy grin to little effect. Ed Perlmutter, a Colorado Democrat, ate Doritos and stared at the floor...