John Halpin & Navin Nayak

John Halpin is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Navin Nayak is a senior vice president at the Center for American Progress and executive director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund. 

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How Ambivalent Trump Voters Feel About Him Now

And what might move them to register their misgivings at the polls

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast A supporter of President Donald Trump raises his fist during a Republican campaign rally in Elkhart, Indiana. C onventional wisdom depicts those Americans who cast their vote for Donald Trump as a zealous and rather unified group. In fact, a sizable subset of those voters, now that Trump has been in office for more than a year, say that they were conflicted in voting for him and express concern about key aspects of his presidency. Can those voters be persuaded to move politics in a different direction in 2018 and 2020? What are their key issues, and how do they differ from the electorate at large? To get at these basic questions, the Center for American Progress and Hart Research Associates designed a comprehensive national survey of 1,500 registered voters to measure public attitudes toward government in the Trump era. The survey was conducted in March of this year, and is a follow up to an extensive study on trust in government we conducted in 2015 and...