Kim McLarin

Kim McLarin is the author of three novels and two essay collections. Her latest is Womanish: A Grown Black Woman Speaks on Love and Life. She is an associate professor and graduate program director of the MFA in Popular Fiction at Emerson College.

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A Letter to Toni Morrison

Writer Kim McLarin celebrates the life and meaning of the acclaimed novelist.

Michel Euler/AP
Michel Euler/AP Author and Nobel laureate Toni Morrison in 2006 Dear Ms. Morrison, It’s so strange. I never cry for famous people. When Whitney went, when Michael died, I shook my head and said a prayer and then continued. When Prince died I stopped a little longer; that one really hurt my heart. But still I did not cry. These were great and complicated artists, gone before their times and for the sake of their families, and for the world, I felt the loss but not for me, not really. For one thing—and I see this only now, with your passing—as much as I loved them, they were musicians, not writers. This made them a kind of distant cousin, one who lived, say, in Montreal and therefore never made the cookout. I knew their names, knew our connection, knew we were related, but really they were strangers. They didn’t know me. I didn’t know them. For you I sobbed all morning. Or, let’s be honest, because you, like any great writer, were relentlessly honest...