Lisa Rice

Lisa Rice is President and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance. Follow her on Twitter @ItsLisaRice.

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Government Remains the Biggest Obstacle to Fair Housing

Washington does a poor job of enforcing the laws that protect Americans against housing discrimination. Under Trump, this situation has gotten even worse.

Steve Yeater/AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation Marchers walk to the California State Capitol to protest the high cost of rental housing T he National Fair Housing Alliance recently issued its annual Fair Housing Trends Report . The study found that the number of housing discrimination complaints continues to increase. But beyond this troubling pattern in increased complaints is an even more startling development: Private, nonprofit fair-housing organizations—not federal, state, or local agencies—handled most of those complaints. Meanwhile, HUD officials announced in January that they were suspending the implementation of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule, extending the deadline up to seven years for cities and counties to submit “Assessments of Fair Housing” to HUD and to comply with obligations to address housing discrimination and segregation. That is unlawful, which is why Tuesday, the National Fair Housing Alliance, Texas Appleseed, and Texas Low Income Housing...