Nicole Sussner Rodgers

Nicole Sussner Rodgers is founder and executive director of Family Story, a think tank founded in 2015 to recognize, validate, and protect the many ways individuals form and re-form families.

Recent Articles

Want to End Inequality in America? Stop Pushing Marriage.

Prioritizing matrimony as the solution to inequality and poverty has failed to make a dent in the myriad of challenges facing families.

Trump’s new nominee for the Federal Reserve Board, Stephen Moore, is a marriage fundamentalist who believes the institution is the solution to the nation’s woes. Despite all evidence pointing to the contrary, this extremist candidate believes that “the best anti-poverty program in America may not be tax cuts, debt reduction or regulatory relief, but rather that old-fashioned institution called marriage.” His belief isn’t just wrong—it’s also dangerous. A newly released report , The Case Against Marriage Fundamentalism: Embracing Family Justice for All, by Family Story, the think tank I lead, shows how promoting the supremacy of the married family over all others has created great harm. We outline critical steps America must take to truly ensure that all families, regardless of their makeup, thrive and make real progress toward addressing poverty and inequality. The elite marriage push, spearheaded by conservatives like Moore, has left a trail...