Paul Sonn & Naomi Walker

Paul Sonn is the state policy program director of the National Employment Law Project. Naomi Walker is the director of the Economic Policy Institute’s EARN Network of state policy groups

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How States Can Counter Trump’s War on Workers

Newly elected governors and legislators can bolster workers’ interests and rights.

In November, voters went to the polls demanding action to address a system that seems rigged against working families. As governors and state legislators begin their work this month, they face the reality that while the economy is growing on paper, paychecks have barely budged for most working families. The Trump administration has only worsened this problem by rolling back key protections for workers—especially those adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor during the Obama years. Governors and legislatures can and should protect workers in their states from these attacks, and promote good jobs with fair pay and safe workplaces for their constituents. The Economic Policy Institute and the National Employment Law Project have teamed up to publish a blueprint with 18 recommendations for how state governments can use their authority to make an immediate positive impact for working people and create conditions that make their state economies work for everyone. Rebuild State Labor...