Steve Appleford

Steve Appleford is a Los Angeles writer and photographer who has covered riots, political conventions and pop culture for a variety of publications, including Rolling Stone, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and LA Weekly.

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Los Angeles's Schools Strike Was a Teachable Moment for Students

The scenes unfolding outside students' schools gave them daily glimpses of their teachers' commitment and the power of collective action. 

Capital & Main is an award-winning publication that reports from California on economic, political and social issues. The American Prospect is co-publishing this piece. Now that it's tentatively over, the first teachers strike in 30 years to hit the Los Angeles Unified School District can be said to have given students at least one critical lesson. Since last week, when their teachers began picketing in the pouring rain across LA, demanding both better wages and essential support and staffing, a new generation of kids has experienced first-hand the purpose and power of organized labor. "What they are witnessing is unions standing up for the rights of teachers—but really also for the rights of the students, the needs of education," said Ken Jacobs, chairman of the University of California, Berkeley Labor Center. "That's an important lesson about power, no matter what happens." The scenes that unfolded outside their schools had been dramatic by any measure. Each weekday at...