Terri Friedline

Terri Friedline, a University of Michigan School of Social Work associate professor, studies U.S. financial systems and serves as a research fellow with New America’s Family-Centered Social Policy program. She is a member of the Scholars Strategy Network.

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Want a Green New Deal? Then Challenge Global Capitalism

As climate change accelerates, communities of color suffer while corporations continue to rake in profits and the wealthy flee to safer locales.

Alex Edelman/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks during a press conference to announce the Green New Deal held at the U.S. Capitol. O n Thursday Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey unveiled their highly anticipated Green New Deal. Conceived originally by the Sunrise Movement , this ambitious piece of legislation envisions a monumental shift in the U.S. economy to stave off the effects of climate change. While some within the Democratic Party are already casting doubt on such widespread reform, this proposal gives progressives a real chance to combine their desire for financial reform and social justice with the need to address the Earth’s rapidly warming climate. The Green New Deal calls for massively restructuring the economy to prioritize caring for the planet by investing in renewable power sources and energy efficiency. In just a few short decades , climate change will render our planet unrecognizable...