Maureen Dowd Gets Way Too High

The New York Times columnist demonstrates the dangers of extrapolating from your personal experience, especially when you did something really stupid.

The Bowe Bergdahl Situation Is Complicated. Let's Not Pretend Otherwise.

We should acknowledge both the benefits and the risks of the deal to obtain his release. But conservatives keep talking like it's 2002.

Facial Recognition and the Loss of Anonymity

The latest Snowden revelation says the NSA is increasingly relying on facial recognition, as are lots of law enforcement agencies. Before long, the right to anonymity in public could be gone.

Maybe It's Time We Did Declare War On Coal

The administration will protest that they're doing nothing of the sort. But why don't we?

Resignation: What Kind of V.A. Secretary Was Eric Shinseki?

Since nobody paid attention to it until there was a scandal, reporters didn't have the knowledge to tell us whether Eric Shinseki was doing a good or bad job.

Who's Hacking Your Phone?

What scares you more: the idea that the NSA could take control of your phone, or the idea that a foreign intelligence service could? 

Where Terrorists and Assassins Don't Hide

The Supreme Court decides a case on the Secret Service pushing anti-Bush protesters away from the president.

The Seductive Allure of "Ideas"

Some Republicans want a new "Contract With America." It won't make a difference one way or the other.

How Conservatives Will React to Obama's New Climate Regulations

You'll hear Republicans call these regulations "lawless" over and over. Here's why that's bunk.

American War Dead, By the Numbers

Putting our past and present conflicts in context.

Daily Meme: The Immigration Merry-Go-Round


Round and round she goes...

Government Treating Peaceful Left Activists Like Terrorists--Again

Our recent history is full of right-wing terrorism, but it's the harmless liberals who put law enforcement on high alert.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind About the V.A.

Sure, there's going to be some demagoguery of the issue. So here are a few critical facts to remember.

In Yesterday's Primaries, It Was Money That Mattered

"The establishment strikes back" doesn't quite tell the whole story.

The Republican Candidate's Marijuana Dilemma

Marco Rubio is the latest to evade the question of whether he ever smoked pot.